Воин - Сезон 1 Эпизод 10 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low Warrior - Season 1 Episode 10 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low (2019)



Воин - Сезон 1 Эпизод 10 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low / Warrior - Season 1 Episode 10 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low

A broken Ah Sahm, his spirit fractured, recoils and retreats to the working class of Chinese society. Guilt ridden, Bill heads to the hospital and stand vigil for officer Lee, and vows retribution against the Fung Hai. In a show of force, Zing offers Bill a deal; his gang will no longer harm Bill's family and friends, in exchange, Bill would become their debt collector on white customers. Father Jun maps out his territorial concessions to Mai Ling & warns her not to exceed those boundaries. After learning the recent police crackdown of the Tongs, Mai Ling confronts Zing and his gang's attack on officer Lee. Zing reveals he only allied with Mai Ling to get into the Opium trade and forces her to renegotiate their alliance after the Fung Hai surrounds the Long Zii headquarters. Mercer acts on Deputy Mayor Buckley's bluff by reducing his Irish work force with cheaper Chinese workers which incites Leary to take violent action. Young Jun invites Ah Sahm to come back to the Hop Wei, only to be rejected. Chao attempts to console Ah Sahm and get him out of his funk. The death of a coolie rattles Ah Sahm. Leary threatens Buckley, and his gang attacks Mercer's factory and his Chinese workers, motivating Ah Sahm to fight back. Ah Sahm beats most of Leary's men and fights Leary. Ah Sahm thanks and repays Ah Toy for her care with a special gift, two of Leary's men who crippled Chinese workers. Bill begins his shakedowns for the Fung Hai. Penelope takes over her father's company after he suffers a heart attack during Leary's assault on the factory. Bill and a recovered Lee continue their patrol of Chinatown. Ah Sahm rejoins the Hop Wei.


Год 2019
Страна США
Жанр Боевик, Криминал, Драма
Режиссёр Loni Peristere
В ролях Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin, Dianne Doan, Kieran Bew, Dean Jagger, Joanna Vanderham, Tom Weston-Jones, Hoon Lee, Langley Kirkwood, Christian McKay, Perry Yung, Joe Taslim, Graham Hopkins, Emily Child, Dustin Nguyen, Orion Lee, James Cairns
Длительность 51 мин
Перевод Профессиональный
Просмотрели 15 раз

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