Воин - Сезон 1 Эпизод 7 - The Tiger and the Fox Warrior - Season 1 Episode 7 - The Tiger and the Fox (2019)



Воин - Сезон 1 Эпизод 7 - The Tiger and the Fox / Warrior - Season 1 Episode 7 - The Tiger and the Fox

When Byron reveals to his daughter his company will go bankrupt if he doesn't win the cable car contract, Penelope reluctantly seduces her husband to convince him. A bounty hunter from Georgia reveals to Bill that Lee is wanted for manslaughter of his two cousins in Georgia and offers to share the reward money if he helps him. Bill confronts Lee about the bounty which Lee reveals he killed his cousins after they murdered his black girlfriend, Nora, which convinces Bill to support Lee and exiles the bounty hunter from San Francisco. When Ah Sahm learns Father Jun has sent Bolo to kill Long Zii and Mai Ling, he rushes to the couple's safe house and fights Bolo which ends with Mai Ling killing Bolo. After Mai Ling tells her brother to leave before the rest of the Long Zii arrives, Mai Ling kills her husband herself but promises him revenge on those who wanted him dead. Ah Toy buys a young girl from the same village as her named Lai from human trafficker Zan and makes her a maid instead of a prostitute. But Zan backstabs her by offering to sell the girl's virginity to another customer despite her ownership, so Ah Toy has Zan tortured and kicked out of her brothel. The next morning, when news of both Bolo and Long Zii's death reach Chinatown, both the Hop Wei and Long Zii gangs go to war to avenge their comrade/leaders deaths.


Год 2019
Страна США
Жанр Боевик, Криминал, Драма
Режиссёр Lin Oeding
В ролях Andrew Koji, Olivia Cheng, Jason Tobin, Dianne Doan, Kieran Bew, Dean Jagger, Joanna Vanderham, Tom Weston-Jones, Hoon Lee, Langley Kirkwood, Christian McKay, Perry Yung, Joe Taslim, Rich Ting, Henry Yuk, Steve Wall, Yu Beng Lim, Jenny Umbhau
Длительность 47 мин
Перевод Профессиональный
Просмотрели 17 раз

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